The Markets You Need To Hit This November

The line-up for Australian markets this November consists of some seriously alluring events! I’m sure you’re all bracing yourselves for the coming warmer months, and what better way to kick off Summer than cooling down with the latest icy desserts, or a market haul to prepare you for the Christmas season. So, here are our picks for November! Is your city on the list?


Hand Made Under the Stars
30 November 2017 – Free Entry – Toowoomba

The Garden City is being blessed with a twilight artisan market. Get your mates together because it’s time for a glass of wine, listening to live music under the stars. Hand Made Under the Stars will feature unique stalls from more than 50 local artisans. Shop gourmet food, clothing, ceramics and more.

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Photo-credit-Instagram-@cobbandcomuseum The Markets You Need To Hit This November
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Hot 91.1 Ignite Chilli Festival
25 November – Free Entry – Caloundra

Brace yourselves Sunshine Coast, for the inaugural Chilli Festival! This ‘spicy’ day out will be filled with live and street entertainment, cooking demonstrations and a plethora of unique chilli stalls.

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Photo-credit-Ignite-Chilli-Festival-website The Markets You Need To Hit This November
Photo credit – Ignite Chilli Festival Website

New South Wales

Eden Whale Festival
3 November – 5 November – Free Entry – Eden

The annual Eden Whale festival is back to highlight the southern migration of the Humpback and other whales. On this weekend you can get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures! Or enjoy the street parade and markets bustling with local artisans. This is one for all of the family to enjoy!

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Photo-credit-Instagram-@adventure_begins_here The Markets You Need To Hit This November
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Wollongong Twilight Markets
3 November – Free Entry – Wollongong

Overlook the Wollongong Harbour, and breathe in that fresh sea air while enjoying the best food and beverage from local stall holders. Buskers and artists at attendance are sure to make it one to remember. This Twilight Market operates on the first Friday evening of each month from October through to March.

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Photo-credit-Instagram-@wollongongtwilightmarkets The Markets You Need To Hit This November
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Mansfield Bush Market
4 November – Free Entry – Mansfield

This community event is only run on four long weekends throughout the year! It’s run privately and not-for-profit, with all proceeds going back to the Mansfield Community! It’s not hard supporting this worthy event when there are 175 stalls of goods from fresh local produce to clothes.

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Photo-credit-Instagram-@snowlakemarketingdesign-of-@roamingpoppy-and-@mansfieldcoffeemerchant-850x1053 The Markets You Need To Hit This November
Photo credit – Instagram @snowlakemarketingdesign of @roamingpoppy and @mansfieldcoffeemerchant

Rod Run Rotary Market
12 November – Free Entry – Bright

Besides an entire field of only the coolest cars, Bright’s iconic Show and Shine offers something for everyone. Craft? Skincare? Clothing? Food? Yep! They’ve got you.

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Photo credit – The Border Mail


Street Eats @ Franko
3 November (weekly November-April) – Free Entry – Hobart

Street Eats @ Franko are here to make sure you’ve tasted all the scrumptious creations from strictly Tasmanian food connoisseurs. We must say, this is foodie heaven so lickity split it’s time to feast!

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Photo-credit-Street-Eats-Franko-Facebook.-Pictured-@ladyhestereats-850x566 The Markets You Need To Hit This November
Photo credit – Street Eats Franko Facebook. Pictured – @ladyhestereats

Niche Market
18 November – Free Entry – Burnie

Niche has returned after a successful 2016 inauguration, and with a good cause! The market supports Autism Specific Early Learning & Care Centre in Burnie. Enjoy a morning out with loved ones sifting through the beautiful goods of local artisans.

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Photo-credit-Discover-Tasmania The Markets You Need To Hit This November
Photo credit – Discover Tasmania

South Australia

BowerBird Design Market
24, 25, 26 November – Entry $5, Children 12 and under free – Wayville

A weekend for all to enjoy with the work of over 170 of the best Australian artists and designers on show. The prized design event is only run twice a year, with Novembers pre-Christmas event being the launch of Spring/Summer collections.

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Photo-credit-Glam-Adelaide The Markets You Need To Hit This November
Photo credit – Glam Adelaide

Raine and Horne Semaphore Street Fair
26 November – Free Entry – Semaphore

Semaphore goes into lockdown, closing Semaphore road from the Esplanade to Swan Terrace for their once a year street fair! You will not only find over 250 market stalls, but also kids amusements, belly dancing, and even a man cave!

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Photo-credit-Semaphore-Street-Fair The Markets You Need To Hit This November
Photo credit – Semaphore Street Fair

Northern Territory

“I AM” Twilight Arts Festival & Markets
9 November – Free Entry – Alice Springs

A night under the stars will have you enjoying live music and entertainments, amazing art works and much more. Don’t miss this one to remember at the heart of Australia!

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Wrapt in Christmas Market
18 November – Free Entry – Alice Springs

Dedicated to handmade local art, craft and design, you’re sure to find your loved ones Chrissy pressies at this event! If it’s not made local, you won’t find it at this market. Come along and support local businesses.

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Western Australia

Hawkers Markets
3 and 10 November – Free Entry – Armadale

Love great food, culture and live music? Then this market has you covered! Indulge in exotic cuisines from food trucks galore!

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Photo-credit-www.armadale.wa_.gov_.au_ The Markets You Need To Hit This November
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Christmas Market – Perth Makers Market
17 November – Free Entry – Perth CBD

Celebrate the turning on of the Christmas lights with Perth Makers Market! Indulge in some yummy treats while wandering the endless crafts, homewares, jewellery and much more. You’re bound to be finished your Christmas shopping after a night here!

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Sell your service at the markets with these top tips!

Hot cinnamon donuts, steaming hot paella… fresh food, the smell of the weekend markets has hit me as I walk through those gates. Waft that under my nostrils and boom! You’ve got yourself a sale.

As I walk on down the market alley, a half-eaten cinnamon donut in one hand, wallet in the other, my peripheral vision catches the bright colours of a dream catcher – Oh I must have that! Relatable?

It’s quite clear that those selling tangible products are one step ahead of the game when it comes to appealing to customers. You could have me sold on an item in seconds after seeing it, but if you tell me you can braid my hair to perfection or pipe out the most beautiful henna design – how am I to believe you so quickly?

It seems there’s a plethora of advice that can be found online that provides tips on how to sell tangible products, though very little information on how to sell something you can’t simply show your customer.

Here are some tips our research tells us are your starting point when selling a service at the markets.

Display your service as you would a product
Get creative! Your customers need to see that you know your stuff. Put together some detailed fact sheets about your service to hand out to customers. Frame or provide some photos of the result of previous services you’ve sold. Everyone loves browsing through photo flip books, and why not throw in a before and after comparison! Plus – it’s the easiest way to provide tangible evidence of just how amazing your service is!

Make sure your customers know what they’re getting
Are the products you use organic? Are they handmade? Do you provide free consultations? Australian made? Write down a few points that you believe add value to the service you provide, and display them up front in your stall.

3, 2, 1…Action!
Show your service doing its thing! Whether it be by displaying videos on your iPad, conducting a live demonstration or free samples, there are many ways you can engage with your customers. Do you cater for weddings? Bring along some enticing taste testers, everyone loves cake!

Depositphotos_135569776_l-2015-300x200 Sell your service at the markets with these top tips!

Everything’s better when it’s free!
Or so they say.. I know a competition is a sure-fire way to attract a customer’s attention. Not only is it a novelty to receive freebies, but the excitement that comes along with offering a prize is also a winner in the eyes of a customer.

Make friends with market goers
You may be a little disadvantaged when it comes to alluring customers into your stall, though at least you’re one up to those that purely sell online. Use this benefit to your best advantage by building a relationship with your customers. Put a smile on your face, be enthusiastic and excited about what you do – though not too over the top. Wow your customers into trusting that you offer a reputable service. Remember – just like friends, customers also like feeling important and appreciated.

Mates Rates!
Can your service be offered up in a package? Give your customers the opportunity to purchase more in a bundle, and save a bit of cash than they would buying them separately. They will appreciate getting more bang for their buck!




What’s your name?
Ruth Palmer
What is the name of your business?
How long have you been trading?
Since December 2016
What products do you sell?
Soy Wax Candles
What sells the best?
“Classic Range” Soy Wax Candles – available in 3 sizes
What markets do you trade at?
Manly Markets NSW
How did it all begin?
In October 2016 my husband and I decided to start looking into making candles. We were always buying candles for our home and we decided it was time to make our own! We had always bought soy wax candles so we started researching soy wax and discovered the various types. After pouring my first ever batch of candles I was hooked! I was so excited at the thought of creating and making my own candle, the dream simply grew from there!
What do you like most about being a stallholder?
I was initially very nervous when I applied for my first ever market stall. I knew that if anyone could help me through those nerves it would be one of my dearest friends – and of course we sailed through the day with so much fun and laughter. I got some amazing feedback at the first market which spurred me on to continue.
After the first market and each market since I can honestly say I have loved every second. When I get to talk to our customers and listen to what they think about my product it is very rewarding. I’m proud of the products I produce and the work I put into each candle that I have lovingly poured.
What do you like least about being a stallholder?
I can honestly say that as yet I don’t have any negatives to say about markets. I feel each market I attend brings opportunities and experiences that I am truly grateful for.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
RuSoy will continue to grow and develop into a beautiful Australian business offering quality products which are all handmade and hand poured with love and care. We will introduce a variety of other handmade products in the near future which will complement our existing products. We are encouraging any potential stockist to enquire now for wholesale information.
What one piece of advice would you give to a new stallholder?
If you believe in your product or products don’t give up. Markets can be interchangeable so do not be too hard on yourself if you have a quiet week. Experience is essential to develop and learn..
Do you have a Facebook page you would like us to feature?
Plus any other social media links like Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn?
Attach a picture ideally of yourself, your stall or your products.

Rainbowtopia – Universal Tie Dye

What’s your name?
What is the name of your business?
Rainbowtopia – Universal Tie Dye
How long have you been trading?
12yrs with Tie dye
What products do you sell?
Anything and everything Rainbows and Tie Dye I make most stock and we do tie dye on site and some events
What sells the best?
Baby goods Sheet sets Hoodies T shirts Hats Socks Underwear crazy stuff
What markets do you trade at?
Hall Market ACT Queanbeyan Markets Festivals Fairs and Expos
How did it all begin?
I was at a Festival with my original business of Designer Handmade Australian Goddess gear and Kids Clothing and Accessories ,pouring rain off helping other stallholders and on my return a box of new Kids stock was damaged due to losing the corner or my marquee and the subsequent water that dropped the corner bounced back up and hit the box of stock and pretty much ruined it then the Tie dye Man turned up the next day so I took some pieces to them to see if we could salvage any ,and a ladies jacket that was damaged previously, so those 4 bits worked so I bought the dyes to fix up the rest of the kids gear , the rest is history ! I ‘m not a crafty person, very much a colour queen and it just clicked and went from there
What do you like most about being a stallholder?
Seeing the smiles on a child’s face when they find a rainbow that speaks to them and when the big kids Love them too!
What do you like least about being a stallholder?
That’s easy the early mornings! And wind!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I’m working towards being in another shop
Plus any other social media links like Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn?
Attach a picture ideally of yourself, your stall or your products.

Darby’s Dog Bakery & Deli

What’s your name?
What is the name of your business?
Darby’s Dog Bakery & Deli
How long have you been trading?
1 year
What products do you sell?
Designer dog treats – from cupcakes and donuts in the bakery to Jerky and deer antler in the deli.
What sells the best?
Banana/Bacon Cupcakes – dogs love them and humans are fascinated by them!
What markets do you trade at?
Paddington Markets, Marrickville Market
How did it all begin?
When we adopted Darby he had some skin allergies and nutrition concerns that meant we spent a fair bit of time experimenting in the kitchen. It turns out we really love creating yummy treats for dogs and wanted to share that with all the pups!
What do you like most about being a stallholder?
The variety of people you get to meet!
What do you like least about being a stallholder?
Set up and pack up
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Still working the stall and meeting the dogs – it’s a great job to have!
What one piece of advice would you give to a new stallholder?
Find your own voice – don’t replicate what others are already doing. It will look much better if you stand out on your own.
Do you have a Facebook page you would like us to feature?
Plus any other social media links like Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn?
Attach a picture ideally of yourself, your stall or your products.

What they don’t tell you about running your own Business

I’ve come to realise that the only place more hectic than a business owner’s daily schedule is picking the kids up from school at 3pm!

Depositphotos_44074741_m-2015-300x200 What they don’t tell you about running your own Business

You’ve got emails shooting out your ears, meetings you must attend, taxes, invoices, orders to make, and not to mention the attempt to provide immaculate customer service. You could tackle all of the ‘How to run a business 101’ tutorials and blogs across every social platform, but there’s nothing to prepare you for the real deal.

The lifelong dream of ‘being your own boss’ certainly comes with its advantages, though many are unprepared for the truth that they actually won’t have more spare time than their regular job. I mean I’m definitely working on a ‘How to run the show without actually doing much’ guide, though I’ve just not accomplished that magic recipe as of yet… Oh wouldn’t it be lovely!

We want you to know that it is hard! And you’re handling it well! Of course, we don’t know every in and out of running a business… but we hope what we do know will deliver you some relief.

It will all get too much – There will be times where you feel as if you’ve just done a triathlon, you go numb and don’t even realise that you’re actually still running it! What we must tell you is – if you don’t want to lose your mind, listen to your body and honour its wishes. Half Time!

Morning will come and you will want to run in the opposite direction –  AKA, quitting. Everyone has moments where they doubt their ability to keep pushing. Because let’s be real, spontaneously scooting off to the Bahamas sounds like a to die for escape. Realistically…Not going to land you your dream career! Unless you’re a travel blogger or something of course. Take a moment ad remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.

You will wish that 30 hour days were a thing – Unfortunately, we can’t rub a magic lamp and wish for those extra few hours (apparently, Genie’s don’t exist). Try not to overwhelm yourself, adopt some time management skills, and be realistic about what you can achieve in a day’s work. This way you will be able to hit these goals instead of setting impractical tasks that will leave you feeling as if you’re getting further and further behind.

Email is the devil, we know – Your inbox will come across as a never ending black hole, and it probably is to be honest. I find myself spending far too much time answering emails than doing what I love. Make sure your spam folder is in working order, and if emails aren’t urgent they can wait a few days for a personal reply. Do more of what you signed up for, even if that means your inbox is creeping past 2000. Don’t let that electronic dinging noise rule your life!

Marketing appears to have become a very important skill you know nothing about – It’s hard to believe that your product won’t sell itself, you’re an innovative genius after all. We would love to spend our days knitting cute little baby mittens, baking some bomb brownies or writing romantic poems for your customers – but your audience need to know you exist! There are oodles of online marketing guides that are quite simple to follow, and are a great stepping stone for beginners.

Swearing at your computer is kind of expected – Especially when technology has the ability to drive you up the wall, AND don’t forget those days where the WIFI is playing on/off games with you! Your frustration just shows a love for your work, you want to be productive but inanimate objects keep rearing their ugly heads.

Coffee fails to produce the saving glory it did once upon a time – You will feel like you’re on a constant rollercoaster. You will have some of the happiest of times running your own show. You will also have some of your lowest, but that’s okay! Everyone experiences it, and that’s when wine works as a substitute for coffee.

You will hit times of failure – Not everything goes to plan, we all make decisions that will later occur to us as completely wrong. These learning curves are the most valuable lesson of this rollercoaster, as time creeps on you will have more lessons that will form as steps up the mountain of success. One step back, two steps forward.

Everyone is just winging it – At one point in time, even Mark Zuckerberg had no idea what he was doing! We all start somewhere, and I bet any other entrepreneur could laugh with you over your mutual mistakes.

You definitely won’t have as much money as everyone thinks – Along with running your own business comes the stereotype that you must be rich. In reality your bills have somehow replaced this notion of being your own boss, and your life is not at all what you pictured it to be before beginning this chapter of your life.

BUT, it’s worth it – You are the one that will let go of all those ‘What-ifs’ in your life, knowing that you’re chasing your ambitions. By accelerating through all the learning curves, you will enjoy being able to get paid for your hobby, and the self-doubt in your mind will become more and more distant.


What’s your name?
Karan Day-Kahl
What is the name of your business?
How long have you been trading?
2 1/2 years
What products do you sell?
Gently-worn Women’s Clothing
What sells the best?
What markets do you trade at?
FashnTreasure; 360 Fashion Market
How did it all begin?
I had many many clothes and wanted to sell them to other women. Women who loved recycling, sustainability and who loved vintage, retro and designer clothes…. sometimes this is a contradiction…….. but we are all different – which is what I love about fashion. It brings out our differences
What do you like most about being a stallholder?
Definitely – the people I meet – and the people that glow when they find a fashion item that makes them whole…
What do you like least about being a stallholder?
All the work involved….. early mornings….. carting all my stock and racks around
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
As an on-line boutique with the occasional market event
What one piece of advice would you give to a new stallholder?
Keep trying become a regular at the marketplace – people like you to be in the same spot each market – eventually you will have regulars

Keep smiling (no one likes a grumpy stall holder)

Be generous – no one likes a tight stall holder, however, do not short change yourself. Give a discount if someone purchases more than one item. This makes you and the buyer feel awesome

Do you have a Facebook page you would like us to feature?
Plus any other social media links like Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn?
Attach a picture ideally of yourself, your stall or your products.

Make 2017 your year!

We all know too well the ‘New Years resolution’ phase that lasts approximately 3 weeks – maybe longer if you’re stronger than I am! The old tradition usually revolves around getting your former 20-year-old body back, or our relationships, but what about our businesses? unnamed-10-1-300x107 Make 2017 your year!We all promise ourselves that we will enter the new year like a first year at University before falling for that lazy life by the end of semester one! As obvious as it is, I must share with you that you can’t simply win the grand final in the first round – but you can certainly lose it! You’re right – a winning first round doesn’t necessarily guarantee a victory either, though it will flick you ahead of the game.

I know, the last thing your holiday mourning employees will want to do is dive straight back into a plethora of work on January 1st. That’s why you need to make this plan, delegate and set individual goals now! Your New Year’s resolution may come in the form of a series of commitments, or audits that you make to your business. As you slowly hit these small goals as 2017 passes by, the energy you invested in this process will prove 100% worth it as your business strives.

We’ve put together some ideas to guide your personal plan! Create your 2017 plan now so that you can easily tackle it as you see in the new year.

Let it go

Sometimes time slips away and we fail to recognise what no longer serves us, whether that be products, distributors, suppliers or even employees. You need to keep up with the times and acknowledge when products/services aren’t as popular as they used to be, when other businesses you associate with are no longer efficient or the most cost effective option, and when your business outgrows the skillset of your current employees. Jot down these considerations in order to cull the unnecessary, seek alternatives, employee training, or even recruitment. If you do come across a potential solution, you’re one step closer to growing your business.

Long and Short-term goals

Determine exactly where you envision your business to be in the long-term future. Then come up with some short-term goals to accomplish each quarter that align with that long-term goal.

They should all be SMART objectives –

Specific: Are you focusing enough on specific challenges between you and your long term goal?
Measurable: How do you plan to assess the positive performance?
Attainable: Is this goal realistic?
Relevant: Will it assist in improving business performance if achieved?
Time-based: Is there enough time to achieve the goal?

Annual marketing plan

Most big companies will produce a fresh annual marketing plan which considers their goals for the coming year, and how they will reach them. Yes, I know, you may be about an 8th of the size of who I’m talking about, though as an entrepreneur, this is the perfect opportunity for you to strategically focus on yours and your customer’s priorities. Not only will it guide your marketing for 2017, it will help you map out your budget and resources which is imperative for small business owners.

Your annual marketing plan should detail the steps you will take in order to reach those quarterly goals you previously made. What will you do to reach these goals? Where will these campaigns be implemented? – Facebook? Email? Events? There are plenty of free online resources that can help you bring your plan to life, including ‘Blog Society’ –

Refresh your digital make-upcae12edfde433d3c323f0074f68eef0d-136x300 Make 2017 your year!

As the festive season sweeps us up in its chaos, we tend to neglect what’s going online. Before the new year arrives, sift through your entire digital presence and update all out-of-date information. Spice up your pages with a refreshed profile picture or layout. In an era driven solely by the digital world, it’s increasingly difficult to keep up with online expectations. You need to create a social media schedule for your business and stick to it! Nesha from created the perfect example of what your plan should look like:


Refresh your work haven

It’s known that clutter on the desk leads to clutter of the brain… and a lack of productivity is bound to occur because of it. As you’re about to leave your office for the holidays it’s the perfect time to clear off the redundant! What better way to start the year than to return to a spick and span office?! While you’re at it, you should also clean up your digital office – delete pointless files, backup everything important, sort out your folders and finally – wait for it… turn that Inbox to a 0! If you’re anything like me, mine has currently hit an excess of 1800 so I better hop to it!

Reward your crew

Motivation at work 100% feeds off appreciation. While there should be year-round recognition, Christmas time is the perfect time to reward your employees. You’ve all worked the hard yards all year long, and to ensure this continues into 2017 why not recognise it with that end of year party, or even an awards ceremony (if you have a big enough team).

Reward thy self

With the busy daily grind that comes with running your own business and trying to ace that work/life balance, it’s no wonder we neglect to stop and think about how amazing our accomplishments are! Rewinding back to this time last year, I’m sure we’ve all crushed some incredible goals – big or small. It’s time to reward thy self!

The team at AUZi are wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…. We’re also ordering you to go on that trip that you so well deserve! May our guide send you smooth sailing into 2017.

Bells are already ringing, and it’s time to prepare for the Festive Season!

Bells are ringing and Santa is already taking orders from children in shopping
centres across Australia! This year has gone so quickly it’s as if I blinked during
March and it was suddenly December! Now Christmas promos and campaigns are popping up on every corner, it’s the perfect opportunity for your business to thrive among the festive spirit.Depositphotos_128444480_m-2015-300x200 Bells are already ringing, and it's time to prepare for the Festive Season!

Here are some Christmas ideas that you should adopt for your small business:

Dress up your stall
Did you know that Christmas decorations aren’t strictly for Christmas trees and the front of your house! Amazing right… I loveeee seeing how everyone will sprinkle a touch of Jolly Old St. Nicholas over their business. Venture away from simply adding a Christmas tree, and attempt to tie your brand personality in with your decorations. Use tinsel to dress up clothes hangers, candy canes hanging from jewellery stands, or fake snow on your table tops for instance.

Offer Christmas only deals
Everyone loves a discount, especially at Christmas time. Draw in Christmas shoppers by putting together some hampers that contain a variety of your products, don’t forget to present them in festive gift boxes or wrapping paper – a convenient purchase for your customers. Social media will be your best friend throughout Christmas, as everyone looks online for potential gift purchases. Thus, don’t forget to promote your specials on your business pages. Without sounding too cliché, a 12 days of Christmas series where you offer a different discount daily is a great way to entice customers.

Add some festive flair to your branding
Have you noticed that Starbucks introduce a range of Christmas designs on their takeaway cups? You can do this too, though don’t worry you can still get involved without forking out money to do so! Incorporate a Santa hat or snow with your logo on your social media profile pictures, or other digital and print marketing. Remember, if you do spend money on these things they can always be used in years to come.

Run a Christmas competition
Your social media followers love to be rewarded, and remember – they are your biggest fans after all! This is also the perfect opportunity to gain further followers on your profiles. Competitions that require entrants to follow, share and comment two of their friends on the post will produce great brand awareness. Offer the winner one of your Christmas gift packs, or better yet if you have a Christmas edition of your products, they will make for the perfect prize. Think… Gingerbread man scented candles!

Collaborate with other stallholders in the marketplace
You can actually work together and not against each other you know! Collaborating with another business that sell a product that directly compliments yours is a win for both parties! For example, candle stalls and home décor stalls are the perfect match. This way you can offer bundled deals which have you both effectively promote each other. I remember seeing a Facebook post last Summer where if you showed in store that you were following their pages, you would receive a free iced coffee from one store after buying a coffee body scrub from the other!

We hope these tips will help you get amongst the Christmas spirit this year! By implementing some of these strategies, we’re sure this festive season will be a successful one for your small business.

Marketing for the overwhelmed new entries to the Game

So, you’ve finally transformed that dream into reality, yes? And now you’re thinking… what next?

Depositphotos_97390912_m-2015-300x200 Marketing for the overwhelmed new entries to the Game

This brand spanking new concept, job, chapter… and it’s all yours to run!

Okay, now it sounds a little overwhelming – well, very overwhelming.

Living your dream isn’t always as easy as it initially seems. You now have to put into action all of these ideas you’ve been thinking up over the years.

Excited is an understatement, though with everyone throwing newsletter developers, social platforms and other forms of marketing at you – you find yourself googling ‘Marketing for dummies.’

After studying four years of Marketing at University, I can affirm that your options really are endless. You’ve got content marketing, paid ads, email campaigns, affiliate marketing, social media, networking… And with all of these options, it’s difficult to decipher what will best suit your business model. You realise you don’t even know where to grasp those potential customers, or which online platforms they hangout on.Depositphotos_72024039_m-2015-300x200 Marketing for the overwhelmed new entries to the Game

There are obviously many questions that need to be asked about yourself, and your business. Not every marketing strategy is suitable for every business, and adopting every marketing strategy will be so overwhelming – trust me when I say, you will burn out!

It’s undeniable that in today’s society, social media is a no brainer – you have to be on there. Because let’s be real, if you’re not, do you even exist? Social media isn’t only good for getting your brand out there, it’s the perfect platform for you to network!

Many businesses have utilised social media as there primary marketing strategy, though you don’t have to also! Some people love scrolling through their Instagram feed for hours, some people don’t. If you’re one of these people then choosing social media as your primary strategy is definitely not a good idea. Everyone knows that if you don’t enjoy something, you won’t be motivated to do it. So as long as you have some sort of online presence, adopt another strategy that you enjoy!

To get started, I’ve put together a guide with examples to push you in the right direction.

1. Who are your ideal customers. Without writing you an entire textbook, it’s simple… How old are they? Where do they live? What do they do? What problems do they have that you will solve? Do they have a particular taste in clothes? Food? This is an easy one – just get to know your customers! It doesn’t hurt to have a little chat while your processing their order or making their coffee!

I’m opening a marketstall that specialisesDepositphotos_98229478_m-2015-300x200 Marketing for the overwhelmed new entries to the Game in Acai bowls, protein smoothies, juices and other kind of fruity treats. Through details that my rewards program requires – I have figured that my ideal customers are aged 18-28, are highly active on Instagram and wear brands such as Lorna Jane.

2. Where do they hang out? Are they the type that would spend their Sunday’s at home lazing around scrolling through their Facebook feed? Or would you find them spending their Sunday’s taking advantage of the free yoga at the park? You need to be able to place your product in front of your customer, so this step is essential in deciphering how to do so.My target market spend a lot of time hanging out in inner city hubs, the gym, and love attending fitness events.

3. What kind of marketing is your forte? There’s something to entice every personality on board your business! If you love meeting with people and making connections, affiliate marketing and networking events will keep you going. Research the areas that you enjoy, as well as what suits your target market and choose 2.

lykc-300x298 Marketing for the overwhelmed new entries to the Game
Lorna Jane has experienced great success and a mass following by marketing her ‘Nourish’ healthy cafe products at fitness events and on Instagram…because that’s where her target audience hang out!

I love Instagram, I’m one of those people that will spend hours stalking and following my favourite gurus!
Which is a plus since my target audience spend a lot of time on there also, thus – strategy number 1.

Fitness events such as free yoga in South Bank parklands are a perfect place to market my products, or even set up a pop up stall – who doesn’t want an acai bowl after a strenuous workout?! – strategy number 2.

If you still want a life than this is the perfect number – BUT if you believe you can take more on, then go ahead but don’t adopt more than 3 strategies to begin with. Keep in mind, as a business owner you already have so much on your palette… management, accounting, customer service and production doesn’t do itself!

unnamed-9-204x300 Marketing for the overwhelmed new entries to the Game4. Take your time in planning the launch of your strategy, there’s no need to dive in as soon as you know what you want to do. There are many things you need to consider – software and design to say the least.

I would take at least two-three months to plan a pop up stall. Things like design and researching a suitable event take time to perfect.

5. If you’re so certain you know your ideal customer, then walk through your own marketing experience. The only way to find out what people think when they enter your marketing plan is to live it. This will allow you to chop and change where need be.

If this were all you need to know about marketing your business you would be laughing! But this is a good starting point.

Be creative, share exactly how amazing your business concept is!