Market Stallholder Tip 003

When you go to a local market of any kind, what draws your eye? I think most of us would say “colour” so that’s Tip 004 – make sure your stall is colourful enough to attract everyone’s attention. Something else which makes me stay longer to look at what’s on offer is the friendliness of the stallholder — if they…

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Market Stallholder Tip 002

Market stallholder umbrellas are great except for high wind and torrential rain. Tip 002 is to make sure you have some kind of weights in place as you’re setting up your stall, so you won’t have to rush around if bad weather strikes. There are many types of weights available for your umbrellas, stands and tables etc – you might…

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Market Stallholder Tip 001

When you have a stall at a market, it’s essential to be organised, and not just when you’re dealing with customers. Tip 001 is about the single most important thing you can do — create a Check List of everything you’ll need on market day, right down to pens, pencils, string and glue (if you’ll need those). Once you’ve used…

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Media Mentions

Media Mentions and Press Releases As we publish Press Releases and get media mentions, we’ll be adding them to this page. If you would like to interview Neil Inns, please let us know by using the Contact Form.  

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Oils of Valete Australia

What’s your name? Christine Dillon What is the name of your business? Oils of Valete Australia How long have you been trading? February 2014 What products do you sell? “Mould Destroyer Plus”: Made from Superior Clove Oil Blend “Multi Clean”” Made From Australian Lemon Myrtle Oil Blend “Natural Shine for Dishwashers” Blend of Lemon Myrtle Oil, Other Essential Oils and…

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