How to create a memorable customer experience on a budget

Wondering how to create a memorable customer experience? On a budget? In 2016, businesses are increasingly spending money on technology that will enhance the experience of their customers, making it unique and memorable. This may seem daunting for small budget businesses that are trying to compete with the big bucks. Shopping and eating out has transformed into an entertainment experience, usually…

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Soy Vella Candles

What’s your name? Marijana What is the name of your business? Soy Vella Candles How long have you been trading? 4.5 Years What products do you sell? We produce vegan soy candles What sells the best? Our chakra range What markets do you trade at? Cockatoo, Trove Market How did it all begin? Soy Vella Candles was established in honour…

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The perfect gift in a jar

Looking for the perfect gift in a jar? When master pâtissiers hit the markets it may prove difficult to come up with innovative ways to sell their goods, or to involve their customers in their business. Whether you’re a hip cake extraordinaire trying to shake it up a little, a gift enthusiast, or you’re just seeking some new goodies to…

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